How To Make A Candle With Just An Orange and Cooking Oil


Orange peels can be used for more than just protecting the inside of your delicious orange. We’ve seen that it’s possible to bake a cake in the wilderness using an orange peel, and now we’ve found another handy use for it.

Although it might sound strange, an orange peel candle is actually possible with nothing more than an orange and some cooking oil.

A YouTuber who goes by the name Crazy Russian Hacker showed us exactly how to transform a candle, as he carefully peeled an orange and filled it up to the tippy top with oil.

A YouTube channel called Self-Trained Professional tested its validity, and sure enough, it works!

This could be pretty handy if your lights go out and you’re out of candles. Or when the zombie apocalypse happens.

Check out this easy candle trick below:

Materials & Tools needed:

1) Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon
2) Knife
3) Any type of oil, Vegetable, Olive, Canola, etc.

Remove / eat the middle portion of the orange being careful to leave the middle stem like portion intact. I found removal easiest by using a sharp knife and digging out the middle starting with the edge closest to the outside of the orange.

*Caution – Do not ingest the orange if you have extreme citrus allergies and/or fear of oranges or spherical objects.

Fill the cavity with any type of oil such as Vegetable or olive oil to just below the center stem like wick. Light the center stem like wick. This orange candle burned for most of the day. Below are the before and after pictures.