How To Increase Your Food Streak

Food is important because it is responsible for maintaining our lives. We must ensure that we
store enough of it in our pantry. Food has three key functions to our bodies; it enables the body
to grow and develop, it provides the body with energy, and it serves to repair and maintain the
worn out or injured body components. Consuming a balanced diet ensures a healthy and a
physically fit body. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is an ample amount of food
streak in the store that can be grilled with the best grill for tailgating at better
Here is an illustration of how to have an increased long term balanced diet in your pantry. But
before we delve into it, let us look at the types of food. There are classified into the following:
● Fruits.
● Cereals.
● Vegetables and legumes
● Lean meat and poultry meat, fish eggs and seeds.
● Milk, yogurt and any reduced fat intake.
Having known the classifications of a balanced diet, let us now look at how to have an ample of
food in our store. These are the tricks:

Reduce food waste

Reducing food wastage is key to increasing your food streak. Wastage acts as a loop hole that
drains your pantry. Avoiding wastage by doing the following; one, cook the necessary amount of
food and serve the necessary amount. You better go for addition rather than to have left overs. In
case there are some left overs, preserve them well for the next meal. Two, make sure that when
shopping, you always check on the expiry dates. Pick the food with long expiry date. This not
only helps you to pick the freshest staff, but also helps to keep the food for long in according to
the stipulated conditions. Don’t throw food away because of expiry.

Preserve your food when fresh

Buy food stuffs each day according to the amount of money you have left. It doesn’t matter
about the quantity that you will buy as long as, after eating, you will have some left uncooked.
Preserve the food, each according to the recommended environment. Preservation helps to
prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from destroying your food by reducing oxidation.
Oxidation causes the food to become stale.

The preservation methods include: drying, canning, fermenting, and freezing. It worth to note
that, fruits and some vegetables work differently on preservation. For instance, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and potatoes should not be preserved. They can stay quite long at room
temperature. When preserving, don’t mix food that produce ethylene gas. Ethylene cause
ripening and it may spoil other foods. Ethylene producing foods include: bananas, tomatoes,
green onions, peaches, and avocado’s.

Increase your Pantry Size

In order to have an increased streak of food at your home, you should capitalize on the space of
your pantry. Make use of every available space. Take a conducive approach that will shelter all
your different types of food. Here are hacks to increase the size of your pantry. One, make use of
the vertical space by sticking hangers and holders. Label each in regard according to the type of
food to keep for organizational purpose. Two, add more shelves. Nail down 2-inch strips against
the wall instead of having an entire few 16-inch shelves enough to house buckets.

Ideas Freestanding Pantry

Lastly, Stack food in the shelves. Put the small containers with food at the back and then put the
big ones in front. This is always the convenient means.

Shop Smart

Last and most important, make sure that you invest money on food. Let not your expenses on
food conflict with other expenses. This will enable you to have more security and a peace of
mind to run your overall affairs smoothly. Buy food that will fit into your pantry well without
congestion. Visit the market frequently instead of doing bulky shopping at once. Then finally,
make sure that you take stock of your food in order to ensure the availability of a more balanced
diet food in your pantry.


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