How To Find Someone Who Loves Science And Technology Just As Much As You

Science and technology are known for changing our world. Those who are found understanding science and technology and those who are passionate about it, they are often looked at as ‘’nerds’’. When a word ‘’nerd’’ is mentioned, most people come up with an image in their head – a man/girl wearing glasses, lots of books, socially awkward, no fashion sense and rather unusual hobbies. These images we have about ‘’nerds’’ are mainly stereotypes. People who love science and technology really do seem to be a little bit different than the rest of society, but they do not have to be awkward, wear glasses or have ugly shoes. Many people are big fans of scientific theories or interesting inventions masterminds come up with. Finding someone who enjoys Star Trek just as much as you might seem like a rather impossible thing to do, but to be honest, it really is not! As a big fan of science and technology, there are many ways of finding someone who shares the same interests as you.

Do Not Try To Act ‘’Nerdy’’, Be Yourself

People who are passionate about science and technology are most likely smarter than average people. Do not try to act smarter than they are, be yourself and stay yourself no matter what. People dislike ignorance and fakeness, they will probably think you are just trying to embarrass yourself. You might not know much about space, but that is not a negative thing, ask and have it all answered right away. ‘’Nerds’’ are usually patient people, people willing to share their knowledge, but no one likes people who think they know it all, right? Admitting that you do not know something is not something to be ashamed of, it is something meant to help you learn and improve.

Go To Comic Cons

Comic Cons are events where most ‘’Geeky’’ people love to show up at. If you ever visited a comic con, you must have seen the cosplayers, tournaments, geeky stands, and many giveaways all at one place. People who are into science and technology can often be found on places such as Comic cons, they like to see their favorite gaming characters walk right next to them and win a game key of their wish along the way. Comic cons are great places for people to meet someone with similar interests. Many people show up there and there is a high chance at least one of them will have the same ideas and interests in their head as you do.

Go To Science And Technology Conventions

Every person passionate about science or technology has to go to a convention! Science and technology conventions are great events where you will not only learn many interesting things you like to know about, but you might also meet someone just as special as you. Conventions are usually held by groups of people who wish to represent their ideas or theories to those interested, be around, listen and maybe meet someone who will be willing to listen about your theory of space.

Show Your Intellectual Side

Always be ready to show your intellectual side and share all of the interesting things you know. Being ashamed of the knowledge you hold is a bad thing and will most likely prevent you from meeting some great and awesome people. Whenever you are out in the city and you hear someone talk about something you know a lot about, jump in, maybe you end up talking with someone truly special! Sharing interests and openly talking about things you love is a great thing, it will make you seem like a very positive and open-minded person!


Visit Your Favorite Geek Stores

Every science and technology fan enjoys visiting geek stores, these stores are filled with video games, board games, figurines, gaming chairs, consoles, computers, comics and much much more. Geek stores always feature a few people roaming around reading labels of their favorite games and drooling over those new League of Legends figurines of Ahri and Sona.


Try Out Online-Dating

Not everyone has gaming events or science conventions near their city, but most of us have the internet and we all use it. Online dating is another great way of meeting people who are just as passionate about science and technology as you. is an amazing online dating website, it is a place where many ‘’nerds’’ actually managed to find their soulmate. Today, there are millions of people who feel lonely and watch their favorite episode of  Mr.Robot as you read this, who knows, maybe online dating turns out to be the best way for you?!

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