How The Illuminati Brainwash Your Children

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Disbelief in the Illuminati is rampant, and those who proclaim their existence are branded as paranoid crazies. However, it is those skeptics who should be labeled as such, for they have been brainwashed since childhood and are completely unaware of it. From cartoons to toys, the NWO is successfully molding children to be the perfect drones of their new society.

All of this begins with cartoons that glamorize heroic violence. TV shows such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, andTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all convey just one simple message and that’s violence is the ultimate answer to everything. G.I. Joe is the worst offender. This program and toy line convince young children that evil can only be stopped by fighting and sacrifice. By introducing it to kids before they even reach kindergarten, the Illuminati are successfully turning small children into future soldiers who will gladly die for their cause. G.I. Joe is also rife with symbolism. Using “Cobra” and other snake symbols as enemies is one such reference to Satan.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, children are taught not to care by the four fun-loving anthropomorphic reptiles. While committing the most violent acts, these four characters live in ignorance and equate shattering a man’s ribcage with cooking a microwave dinner. Indeed, TMNT helps to convince children not to take violence seriously. To make matters worse, the cartoon is also filled with Illuminati symbols. The most prominent one is the giant eyeball on top of the Technodrome. If you watch much of the series, you will seeeyes on many enemy weapons and vehicles. This is just one of many symbols revealing the evil behind the series.

The brainwashing and desensitizing of our kids continues with more and more forms of media. As they get older, violent video games become the norm as does pro-wrestling and Ultimate Fighting Championships. Aside from promoting brutality, some of these seek to trivialize the Illuminati as part of a greater effort to prevent people from not believing it. Who can remember WCW’s New World Order group back in the 1990s? The use of this moniker was deliberately intended to be a first mental reference whenever someone heard “NWO.” Instead of thinking of the Illuminati, “NWO” causes people to think of a bunch of half-naked steroid enhanced stuntmen. What better way is there to hide in plain sight?

Now, the question is why are the Illuminati using these tactics? To answer that, one must look back on the Vietnam era. During this period, the NWO was thwarted by mass protests and uprisings. No one supported the violence or the loss of life. As a result, the U.S. was forced to withdraw its troops, allowing Vietnam to fall. This setback caused the Illuminati to return to the drawing board to analyze what had gone wrong and how it could be fixed. They realized that the people were not comfortable with wide scale violence or causes that were not easy to understand. This is what prompted them to target children. By convincing kids that violence was not so bad, the Illuminati could expect less resistance to future wars as well as more people volunteering to fight. So far, their tactics have proven successful. The protests of the Vietnam era did not occur during the Gulf Wars or Afghanistan.

Nothing will change with children’s programming save for the occasional tweak to enhance its effectiveness. The Illuminati have discovered a method to control young minds and have been doing it for two generations. Can they be stopped?