How Nations Changed By Developing Their Own Sports

Every country in the world wants to have their own identity, be it through food or cultural practices or music. Sports is also another example of how different cultures define themselves. Here is a list of some countries that have their own unique sports and how they have changed nations, in their own way.

Surfing, Hawaii

Modern surfing as it is known today is thought to have come from Hawaii, where it was introduced from other Polynesian islands. It has been a popular location for surfers from all around the world as it has some of the best beaches and surfing conditions around the globe. The most famous event is the Triple Crown of Surfing which was first held in 1983 and has been held in Hawaii every year since. The sport has brought major attention to the State with millions of people visiting the islands each year.

Caber Toss, Scotland

Caber tossing is one of the most famous sports in Scotland. The objective of the sport is to throw a caber so it flips over completely, preferably in the 12 o’clock position. It is mostly played during the Scottish Highland Games since its modern inception in the 19th century but has been around in some form or another for hundreds of years. It is the most popular of the events during the games and is thought to have originated from loggers who would toss tree trunks across ravines and also into rivers. Since then, it has become the staple of the games which have popped up in different forms in many other countries around the world.

Australian Rules Football, Australia

Although it has similarities to sports such as Gaelic football, Australian Rules Football is still a unique enough sport for Australians to call their own. Different types of football have been played in Australia since the late 1700s, but Australian Rules Football began its evolution to the sport as it is today in the mid-19th century. Over time, rules were changed and added in, and more and more teams were formed. The Australian Football League (AFL) is now the largest spectator sport in the country as well as the richest sporting body. People watch the sport for AFL tips, and information about each team is a must to have an educated guess on which team will come out as the winner. The Grand Final which is held in September is a nationwide event celebrated everywhere across the country.

Muay Thai, Thailand

Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand even surpassing even that of soccer. It is known as ‘The Art of 8 Limbs’ and has been around in different forms for hundreds of years, dating all the way back to the 16th century. It became more widespread around the world in the 20th century, with many people traveling to Thailand to learn the sport and taking their knowledge back to their respective countries. It is also a highly popular spectator sport with both locals and foreigners alike with matches packed with cheering punters on a nightly basis in different venues around Thailand. Muay Thai has also been subject to many films over the years, especially in the 80s and 90s and 2000s. Jean Claude Van Damme was in several films that featured Muay Thai, which helped to popularize it in the Western world.