How Men And Women Really Feel About One Night Stands According To Science

Do you know what is that general opinion or thinking about One Night Stands? A survey report reveals something interesting.

#1 – One Night Stands Are Not That Rare

Roughly half of us will have a one night stand in our lifetimes if we are from the U.S.A. or Western Europe. This is according to research published in the Norwegian magazine Evolutionary Psychology, based on a study of 263 adults all living in Norway and, y’know, “active.”

#2 – Similarities Between Norway And Elsewhere

The Norwegian study showed a marked similarity to other research that had been conducted in other Western countries. This came as no real surprise to researchers who had been examining whether Norway was more or less sexually liberal than similar nations. They wondered if the secular nature of the country would influence the outcome – it didn’t.

#3 – Women Don’t Like Casual Relations As Much As Men Do

This may not come as much of a surprise, but women regret having casual relations more than men do. About 20% of men say they should have turned down an offer, but nearly 35% of women say the same. This is an interesting difference, but nowhere near as extreme as the difference in our next figures.

#4 – Men Regret Saying No More than Women

Only 4% of women say that they’ve felt regret at passing up casual relations when it has been on offer. An incredible 30% of men say that they regret not striking when the iron was hot. That’s nearly 7 times as many men as women who wish they’d had a one-night stand when offered one.

#5 – Why Women Have More Regrets

You won’t be surprised too much to learn that the reasons women regret casual relations more than men are generally related to their health. Women fear becoming pregnant and they fear being the recipient of an STI following casual relations, so they feel regret for it and wish they hadn’t done it.

#6 – Men Generally Have More Fun

Another unsurprising fact is that men always tend to climax during casual relations and women, well, not so much. A lack of pleasure is also involved in women’s regrets for a quick fling, rather than a steadier progression to the bedroom, and this leads to the worrying disparity between men and women’s attitudes to one night stands.

#7 – It’s Probably Evolutionary

A liberal society like Norway has no real societal pressure to not have one night stands. However, much of the differences between attitudes to one night stands appear to be evolutionary with only minor impacts from cultural stereotypes. The researchers also felt that if somebody doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of a one night stand that may also impede their enjoyment of one.