How Do School Lunches Around The World Look?

It’s important that growing children eat healthy, but judging by the appearances of some school lunches out there, it doesn’t seem like schools like to deliver the goods. But the Sweetgreen restaurant chain released a series of school lunch comparisons from countries around the world, giving us a look at how culture and geography can affect the diversity and healthfulness of school lunches.

From a US or UK perspective, the school lunches in many other countries seem mouth-wateringly fresh and varied. The lunches from Brazil and South Korea especially stood out for their delicious-looking variety. In other countries, unfortunately, lunch ladies have earned reputations as distributors of foul, toxic concoctions.

Let us know in the comments – which lunch looks the best to you? What did your childhood school lunch look like?

What school lunches look like around the world Daily Mail Online

UK school dinner of frankfurters and beans, a baked potato, corn on the cob, slice of melon and a box drink.