How CBD Oil Made From Hemp Can Help Athletic Performance

CBD is one of the most common products from the hemp plant. It is obtained from cannabidiol, which is obtained from the hemp plant. In most cases, CBD oil is ex-tracted from the hemp plants that are specially bred and cultured. It is important to know that the hemp plant is very different from cannabis and marijuana. This is mainly due to the THC levels in the plants that are responsible to give people a high. The hemp plant has 0.3% concentration of THC, which is very minimal, com-pared to that of the marijuana plant.

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How CBD can help athletic performance

The health benefits of CBD are yet to be fully exploited because research is still un-derway. Most of the athletes today have embraced the use of CBD either by use of balms or topical creams. The reaction of the CBD in the body mainly starts at the endocannabinoid system in the body. The major purpose is to ensure that the cells of the body are well coordinated and are functioning as required to lead to healing. Athletes are prone to any injuries in the course of their career and it is therefore im-portant to come up with a system to guarantee fast healing. Even though the can-nabinoid system of the body is the one responsible for healing, there are times when it may be out of shape. These are the time when CBD comes into action. CBD is oriented in such a way that it is able to produce phytocannabinoids. They can imitate the role of other natural neurotransmitters by interacting with receptors to lead to a sense of calmness and focus.

CBD for athletes

CBD, unlike other plant products and extracts, is completely safe for use by ath-letes. There are no records of deaths that have occurred from the consumption of CBD. On the contrary, many of the athletes give credit to CBD for their fast healing and improved activity and performance. Another major reason why CBD is recom-mended for athlete performance is the fact that it leaves no residues. This is the reason why athletes that consume CBD test negative for all the drug tests they take. The World Anti-Doping Agency has set standards that all athletes should meet to ensure that they are eligible for the competitions and races. The latest list released by the organization has excluded the use of CBD from the list of prohibited drugs and stimulants.

However, not all CBD products are the same or have the same capabilities. The quality of the CBD varies from one company to the other, due to the different con-centrations of the different CBD oils produced. This is the reason why some compa-nies have been established, companies that produce CBD oil that is specifically for helping to reduce inflammations in the body caused by an injury. This kind of CBD oil is more effective for athletes and it is not only suited to their daily routines but also their specific health needs.

Benefits of CBD for athletes

Relief for pain

CBD is effective for giving relief to the pain that is common for many athletes. Since most athletes push their bodies too far when working out, it is possible that their bodies get a lot of pressure and it could lead to pain. Finding a solution to alleviate the pain fast is, therefore, very important for these athletes to sustain their good performance with more ease. Research has not been able to fully explain how the relief for pain comes about due to consumption of CBD oil but history is irrefutable that CBD helps in pain relief.

It helps to reduce inflammations

Even though a little inflammation may be good for athletes, when it is too much, it may hinder the performance of the athletes. CBD consumption releases the canna-binoids into the body that bind onto the CB2 receptors in the brain that helps to re-duce the response of the brain to inflammations. In simple words, when doing a strenuous exercise, the response to the brain will be reduced and you will experi-ence less pain as a result.


CBD oil has been a topic of much controversy for the past few years. However, to-day, CBD has been made legal in most countries and the World Anti-Doping Agency has also eliminated it from the list of the prohibited drugs for athletes. CBD sources should be carefully vetted however, to ensure that the quality of the CBD consumed by athletes is the best and suitable.

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