How CBD Is Changing The Dog Supplementation Landscape

By Cannabidiol Life

As the saying goes, dogs are humans best friend. It is, therefore, important to consider the long term health and wellness of our loyal pets. Cannabidiol or CBD is a breakthrough supplement derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Due to the Hemp Farming Bill and focus on medical marijuana, studies on the benefits of using cannabinoids are published daily by the National Institute of Health. Unlike THC, which produces the “high” or euphoric feelings associated with the drug, CBD has no psychoactive effects. It does maintain the plants well documented benefits for supplementation targeting pain and inflammation. Both dogs and humans poses the endocannabinoid system, where phytocannabinoids interact with the heart, brain, and nervous system, to achieve states of heightened relaxation. The long term benefits of giving any mammal species CBD have only begun to be studied, but the future is bright. CBD Clients report tumors and cancer recession, decreases in pain and inflammation due to arthritis and old age, the stoppage of seizures, and less overall neurosis or anxiety in their dogs.

For dogs one of the most common issues with age is arthritis due to birth defects like hip dysplasia, trauma, infections, diet, and lack of exercise. If the dog’s activity level decreases due to pain or immobility they often become overweight. This leads to further joint pressure and worsening symptoms, a sort of negative feedback loop. Cannabinoids are a well documented anti-inflammatory. Reducing your dogs inflammation has a twofold effect, for one it allows your dog to be more active, using the joint strengthens the muscles and tendons surrounding the area. Secondly this increased activity as well as the stimulated appetite brought about by CBD will decrease any negative weight gain.

Anxiety is another commonly observed dog dysfunction brought on by the hardships of life or poor ownership. Rescue dogs especially tend to be high strung from previous environments, which can make for an especially difficult transition with a new owner or home. CBD is a naturally relaxing agent, producing not only a calming effect but a reduction in phantom pains or sensations. Think of the applications CBD offers for pundits of rescue shelters and pet adoption! Often a dog’s behavior and temperament is the sole deciding factor to whether or not a potential owner will commit.

Adding cannabinoids to your pups diet isn’t as daunting a task as one may think, though finding organic sources of CBD oil for dogs is. Organic oil is important to ensure the exclusion of harmful chemicals and toxins used in the cultivation and extraction processes of CBD. When shopping for a high quality oil use companies that have the proper COAs, natural extraction processes, and if possible medical and or personal testimonials of assurance. If you think cannabis oil may be a good fit for your dog, there are several ways to incorporate it into the diet. The prefered ways of supplementation are capsules, topicals, treats, and direct oil. Direct oils with natural flavorings are easy and your dog will love them! We hope this article will help strengthen and preserve your pets relationship and promote positive healing.