Hospital Saves Man’s Life After He’s Shot – 9 Years Later, He Becomes Doctor At Same Hospital

In 2007, Kevin Morton Jr. was shot in the stomach during his night shift at a Detroit’s Arby. He had just closed up the restaurant and was getting into his car. Suddenly, a man stepped out of the shadows and shot Morton in the abdomen, forever changing the course of his life.

That night, as Morton laid on the hospital bed in the trauma unit at Detroit’s St. John Hospital, he was surrounded by doctors, nurses, countless tubes and IVs. Reported by NBC News, Morton’s family was told that he had a 10% chance of making it through the night. Who would’ve known that this young man would go on to graduate as a surgeon from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine ten years later?

Morton, now 32-years-old with a beautiful wife and adorable little girl, is now being addressed as Doctor. His path in pursuing medicine was inspired by Dr. Sheth- Zelmanski, the surgeon who had saved his life that devastating night as other doctors had prepared Morton’s family for the worst.

“We knew he wasn’t going to give up,” Dr. Sheth told NBC News. “We weren’t gonna give up- so we had to make it happen.” She had placed in extra sutures and the bleeding had miraculously stopped.

Morton’s original plan was to go into the pharmaceuticals industry. His life calling had changed after he spent 50 days recovering at St. John Hospital. Now, the soon-to-be doctor will be starting his residency at the very same hospital that had give him a second chance at life.

“The compassion and drive that Dr. Sheth has shown in trying to save my life… I just wanna pay that forward,” Morton shared with NBC News.

Now, Dr. Kevin Morton Jr. will be providing others with hope, patience, and guidance just as Dr. Sheth had done for him and his family many years ago.

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