Horrified Customer Finds Dead Rat In His Wrap From Chop’t – After He Took A Bite


The act of purchasing a salad in Manhattan has become a considerably risky move now that it’s no longer uncommon to find dead animals inside.

We are happy to announce that the latest discovery ventures out of the reptile family and back into indigenous territory, as the longtime rulers of the city’s animal kingdom strive to take back the spotlight from frogs and lizards.

A guy found a dead rat in a wrap he ordered at the Chop’t at 80 Pine Street, Gothamist reports, only seeing the animal’s head after he had taken a bite.

The photo of the sandwich was uploaded to Twitter by Steven Henderson of Forest Hills, and we should note that we can’t be sure if it’s a rat or a mouse.

Henderson’s colleague is apparently a picky eater so he didn’t even care to find out.

Horrified Customer Finds Dead Rat In His Wrap From Chop t... After He Took A Bite Photos

Chop’t Founder Tony Shure told Gothamist that he had been informed about the rat shortly after it was found and shut down the store for the rest of the day so staff could engage in “a deep clean.”

The Financial District location of this Chop’t store at 80 Pine Street has boasted an A rating as of its most recent inspection in September of last year, though after today’s debacle the Health Department may revise their findings.