Homing Pigeon Caught Carrying Nearly 200 Ecstasy Pills On Its Back

It appears that drug smugglers are coming up with every trick in the book to try and get their products to their customers. You might have seen Banged Up Abroad, where tourists get arrested with bags of cocaine or heroin strapped to their bodies and locked up for years.

But this method of smuggling is much more nuanced.

Authorities in Kuwait had been tracking a homing pigeon that was coming from Iraq. Funnily enough, officers managed to detain the bird on a building near the customs department.

According to local newspaper Al-Rai, there were 178 ecstasy pills were found in a small bag attached to the bird’s back.

It’s an impressive feat to train the pigeon to fly to the drug drop-off point, as well as carry that many pills. But it’s not the first-time smugglers have been inventive.

The largest ever drug haul in Australia came this year in Melbourne when authorities seized 903kg of crystal methamphetamine hidden in boxes of hollow floorboards. It’s believe the haul had a street value of £550 million.

Police in Australia (jeez, Australia, calm down) found 20 litres of GBL, commonly used to make the drug Fantasy, inside beauty products from China.

What about the time a fruit wholesaler concealed more than 100kgs of cocaine, worth £24 million, inside bananas?

When I’ve seen people trying to smuggle cocaine on their person, it’s usually strapped really tight to make it seem like they’re just a bit chunky.

But this guy wasn’t fooling anyone when he was caught trying to get alcohol from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

But this drug smuggling pigeon could present a new worry for authorities as dealers look for even more inventive ways to get their stuff from point A to point B.