Homemade Remedy of Beetroot For Purifying The Liver

This remedy is recommended especially for smokers and alcohol consumers, but it should be used by everyone else because nowadays people hardly abide the principles of healthy eating . We consume carbonated beverages with preservatives, artificial colors, GMO products, meat products, chemically treated fruits and vegetables and on that way we introduce overly toxins in our body. Which means all of us need purging liver – because the liver is our chemical laboratory and in that organ we pile up all toxins that are consumed daily. We are recommending you this remedy which ensures full cleaning of the liver in one year.

For the purpose you will need

3 liter glass jar
700g of beetroot (about 3 medium sized pieces),
2 spoons of flour,
200g of sugar,
100g of raisins.

Cut beets into cubes and put them in the jar. Add the remaining ingredients. Fill thejar with cooled, previously boiled or distilled water and stir. On the mouth of the jar put gauze so it can breathe and leave it for 6-7 days to ferment. Mix 2 times a day. After 7 days the mixture is filtered through the gauze.

Take 3 spoons 3 times a day.


The mixture should be kept refrigerated.
After a break of 3 months the treatment can be repeated. So again pause of 3 months and treatment can repeated for a third time.
In one year, your liver will be completely purified.