Homeless Man Receives A ‘Winning’ Lottery Ticket Watch What Happens Next


A homeless man was given a lottery ticket by a stranger. But it wasn’t this kindness that’s especially touching, it’s what the homeless man tried to do with some of the money after he won.

In the age of video blogging, we’ve seen a lot of people film their heartwarming efforts to help those less fortunate in their community. This film on the YouTube channel Magic of Rahat sets itself apart.

The channel host said he has seen a homeless man near a local shopping center in the last few weeks.

“And from what people have told me, he’s a nice and respectable guy,” Rahat said.

Instead of just giving the man money, he arranges to give him a lottery ticket, telling him that it’s a winner. Though it wasn’t really a winner. The clerk at the convenience store where they take the ticket to cash out is in on the moment.

When the homeless man found out he had “won” $1,000, he couldn’t believe it. All he could say was “you’re kidding me, right?”

Nope, he wasn’t kidding. The clerk counted out $1,000.

With cash in hand as host is about to leave the store, the homeless man tries to give him some of the winnings.

“I want to share it,” he said. “This right here is enough for me. I would like to share it with you, big guy.”


But Rahat refused. As the homeless man began to blink back tears, the host went in for a hug.

Both men left the store wiping their eyes.


“I’ve been doing this for a long time. A long time. And never, never had somebody do what you just did back there. Never,” he said.

Watch the video: