Homeless Man Flooded With Job Offers After Handwritten Note Goes Viral

The CV of 20-year-old homeless man Jordan who is desperately seeking employment

A student who shared a homeless man’s CV on social media to help him find a job said he was overwhelmed by the “amazing” reaction to his post.

Aaron O’Dwyer, from Runcorn, took the handwritten letter, written in biro on a sheet of lined paper, from the man in Liverpool city centre on Tuesday.

He later posted a photo of it on Twitter, writing: “Some homeless lad in town give me his CV an I promised I would share it on here, he’s only 23 do with it what you like.”

The post has now been retweeted 1,300 times and offers of support have flooded in, including from Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson.

Aaron, 18, said: “I had an interview for Apple at the Hilton and I saw him as I was walking towards Bold Street to get something to eat.

“I saw he was of a similar age to myself. I had £4 in coins so I said ‘Alright mate, do you want some change?’.

“He said thanks and I saw he had his CVs. He had about 15-20 of them. They were handwritten which is proper dedication, to sit there and write them all out.

“I took one and went to sit down. It looked like an obvious plea for help and I thought I’d put it on Twitter and see what people’s reactions were.”

Aaron, who is starting a journalism course at John Moores University in the autumn, said he was drawn to help the man because his mum was homeless in Liverpool as a teenager.

He said: “I didn’t expect anything – I’m still getting notifications popping up on my phone.

“I thought that if I mentioned it, someone might know him or someone might offer him some help – the reaction has been amazing.”

The letter was written by a man called Jordan, who describes himself as being of no fixed abode. He says he is “sick of wasting away” and hopes someone will help reintegrate him into society.

It reads: “Need work. Need help. Seriously lost.

“I am sick of wasting away now. I am always being told to go to homeless centres but they’re not helping.”

He goes on to say: “I write my CV like this because I don’t have anything to put on it.

“I worked as a motorbike mechanic for two years but that was from the start of year nine to the end of high school on a course and my boss stopped picking me up two weeks before I was supposed to finish and left me with no grades or proof of experience.

“Very fast learner and hard worker – can I afford not to be?

“Any chances?”

Aaron added: “Hopefully after this he will find a job and somewhere to live.

“I hope he realises that there are people out there that do care about him.”

Are you, or do you know, Jordan? If so, please contact us on 0151 472 2439