Homeless Man Find $676 And Returns It Only To Receive Incredible Reward From The Owner

What would you do if you found almost $700 dollars lying on the ground underneath your car? Would you save it? Go on a shopping spree? Or maybe you would use it to go out to a fancy dinner.

Or, perhaps you’re into better karma and you try and find out who it belongs to. When Yesenia Del Valle was on her way to send a money order to IRS, she was shocked to discover that her retail check of $676 dollars had disappeared from her purse.

Of course, she panicked, checking her car frantically and pondering if it had escaped in the wind. ‘I thought maybe I left it in the tax office, checking for it there. I was frantic.’ She explained.

Just when she thought all hope was lost, she received a knock on the door and a man showed up and what happened next was what neither of them expected.

Anyone who lost a $673 check would probably be freaking out a little bit…I couldn’t imagine the panic that Del Valle was probably feeling.

That was when Sergio Juarez knocked on the door. The complete stranger had found the check under his car and decided to track her down to return it.

‘When he knocked on my door, I never would have imagined it was about the check,’ she told NBC. ‘I was shocked and wanted to know where he found it.’

Juarez’ act of kindness opened a door for him in a true example of paying it forward. Del Valle knew that she wanted to do something to show her thanks for his kindness.

She decided to offer Juarez $40 dollars so he would be able to take his wife out for dinner, when he told her that he would be using the money for gas it was then she realized that he was homeless.

Del Valle soon learned the truth that this man who had so wholeheartedly wanted to return her check was actually living in a Motel 6.

‘I couldn’t believe that a person that was homeless and didn’t have a job nor money for gas, took the time to find me and return this check for that amount of money,’ Del Valle told NBC

This was when Del Valle knew that she had to do something more to help this man. After learning more about him she decided to do something that ended up being huge.

She started a GoFundMe to help raise money for Juarez and the campaign ended up being overwhelmingly successful.

It managed to earn over $15,000 very quickly and on top of that, Del Valle’s family had also been receiving clothing and food donations.

Juarez met with NBC and commented that he still can’t believe that this is really happening to him and that he believes in Jesus Christ.

He also expressed that the message he wants everyone to take from this that no matter what you’re going through, ‘as long as you have family you stick together’

Juarez also shared that once he get’s back on his feet he is going to continue to pay it forward and help other people in the future.

Also, thanks to the publicity, Juarez has received several job offers and once he receives the funds that were raised for his family he should be cruising in no time. The GoFundMe page has since met its goal of $20k

‘Don’t stop believing in miracles,’ he said. ‘You never know who is going to help you and who you are going to help in this world.’

Stories like this are truly heartwarming during the current state of things. It’s a nice reminder to know that people are still willing to help each other and that random acts of kindness and empathy still happen.