Homeless Man Charged With Digging 15 Foot Deep, 2 Room Cave

Of the 578,424 homeless people in America, I’m not sure how many are as resourceful or downright skilled as one Yosue Joel Rios of Virginia.

A woman was walking through Dyck Park in Fairfax when she stumbled upon a covered tunnel leading to a two-room dwelling that Rios had dug for himself.

‘Nice Winnie The Pooh blanket’ is what I’m thinking.

Rios, 25, must have managed to steal a bulldozer or something to dig this tunnel and room, right? Actually, no.


According to The Washington Post, Rios used nothing but a mere shovel to dig the 15-foot tunnel through the park grounds that led to his home.

Another interesting point of the story is that Rios’ cave was built a mere 200 yards away from Fairfax Police HQ and disguised with plywood and leaves.


NBC Washington reports that among the man’s belongings were several books and papers – school assignments nonetheless, perhaps raising a few questions as to just how dire student living conditions have become in the country.

Police arrested Rios and ordered him held without bond when he returned to his cave as police were dismantling it. He remains charged with destruction of property and was also wanted for failing to appear in court after a traffic charge.

Police aren’t sure how long Rios has been living in the cave – they have, however, already filled it in with dirt.

h/t Washington Post, NBC Washington www.davidwolfe.com