HOLLYWOOD: The Dark Celebrity Cult

Nothing in this world works the way you think it does, there is always more to the story. It is time to call people back, you are being lead down a path toward something you are conditioned to not see coming.


To understand what is going on within Europe and America your must look back into ancient European Druidic society and ceremonies. Be aware that there is a war for your mind and your soul. The Illuminati and those that work behind the scenes use none other than Hollywood to help fulfill their global agenda.

To study the world of the occult means nothing more than to study the world of the hidden. So much of real knowledge and wisdom is hidden because the people who run the planet feel that true knowledge and wisdom of how the world works and how to manifest reality is something you do not need to know. Entertainment is designed in such a way to direct your minds to serve the masters of this world, Hollywood is their tool.

The priesthood called the Druids ruled ancient Europe. The ministers, the priests, the lawyers, the nobles, the politicians. The Druids held power within society. Europe and their Anglo-American arm we now call the United States American continue to be based on Druidic principles.

One of their most important symbols was the magic wand made of the wood of the holly tree. Magicians, conductors and those in power all held magic wands or staffs. You were to play to their tune and dance to their beat, they directed you to play. The Hollywood of today is nothing other than a Druidic establishment.

Think about how Hollywood does what they do. A story is written which turns into a screen play, then actors are hired to act out the characters. Actors are paid to act out human emotions, the director is hired to direct the actors and place them exactly where he or she wants them within the shot. The director is responsible to the producer, who is responsible to the executive producer, who is ultimately producing the money for the film.

As the viewer you watch this story unfold on the big screen, the movie subliminally causes you to act in terms of what you just saw. Because of your emotional response to the film or show you leave the theater or couch thinking this is how you normally act or react to certain situations, just the way the actor did in the movie.

That is why today, especially in the west we are so confused. Our ability to work together and live together as humans is not aligned because we have been watching to many movies and have been saturated with entertainment. All the violence, sex and drugs that is being sent from Hollywood to your living room is causing people to have no idea in the world how to live. They have lost their humanity due in part to the low vibrational fear based frequencies. Hollywood is in some ways doing psychological behavior modification on people to get them to behave in certain ways they think are socially acceptable. People just go out and act the way they are supposed to act, rather than the way they really feel in their heart.

The number one drive for most young people today is to become famous. When you look at the actual idols we have as a culture they are now elevated to the highest status possible. All the young women you see in tabloids age 18-25, by age 30 are gone, replace be a younger more modern group. Hollywood is a meat market, we as a society have become a whore house of entertainment. Valueless, empty, nothingness and our young people strive to fulfill that position of a “product of Hollywood”. Young people look up to these celebrities, they emulate them, when in fact celebrities are nothing but product.

Be aware of what is going on within mass media and know the intention. When you are informed you will not be sucked in. The ones that stand apart and have quality and values are the ones that are going to have a profitable future. Don’t let the herd force you, don’t let your desire for acceptance lead you into acting a way you would not normally act. We are created as individuals to stand out, not fit in, success can be defined as your ability to stay true to yourself.