Hitler’s Diabolical Plans For Russia Are Reveled

Historians have revealed that Hitler had some terrifying and diabolical plans in store for the Slavic people if he had ever managed to successfully invade and conquer the Russian Federation. Hitler, who was driven by an extreme race-based ideology, intended to commit genocide against the native people of Russia and the other Eastern European countries and even wished to sink the entire city of Moscow into a lake.

Some of the most brutal battles of the Second World War were fought between Germany and the Soviet Union. While the Nazis were able to occupy some important regions of the Soviet Union, such as the Ukraine, the Russians were eventually successful at driving back Hitler’s forces at the Battle of Moscow when the intensely cold temperatures caused massive damage to the German army. Following the tremendous defeat, the Nazis were never able to gain a foothold in the battle against the Soviet Union again. The Russian army who defeated Hitler’s forces in the Second World War realized that the stakes were high, but they probably did not realize the depths to which Hitler and other key figures in the Nazi command were prepared to sink to in their quest to dominate Russia.


The Nazi commanders cooked up a plan referred to as Generalplan Ost, or “Master Plan for the East.” The documents associated with this plan claim that the indigenous Slavic people would be immediately marked for extermination as they were considered to be part of an inferior race. The documents explain that the Nazis would have enslaved the Slavic people or deported them en masse to the Siberian region. Alternatively, the Nazis wrote that they might starve to death as their agricultural output would be swallowed by demand from besieged Germany. Hitler claimed to be particularly concerned about Moscow which he believed could be a center of revolt.

Therefore he ordered that if Russia was taken by the Germans, that the capital city should be immediately burned to the ground and the inhabitants were to be massacred. Following that, Hitler ordered that parts of the Moscow-Volga Canal should be destroyed so that the entire city would be flooded and essentially be transformed into a lake. These plans may seem sensationally evil, but given the treatment of the Slavic people at the hands of the Germans during the Second World War it is entirely probable that they intended to go through with their monstrous master plan if they had managed to break the Russian defenses.