Hillary Doesn’t Want These Videos Getting Out


Now, every sane person knows Hillary is a pathological liar, and recently the Hillary For Jail movement pushed out a video that perfectly illustrates this fact.

Here’s something Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to see, her own words. Hillary likes to talk about her “consistency” on a number of issues. Well, I don’t think she knows what the word means…

The video features Clinton’s lies about her support for gay marriage, the “supposed” sniper fire when she was in Bosnia and how she apparently turned over all of her work-related emails.


This video needs to be shared everywhere — because Hillary desperately wants it removed from the internet.

41 years ago today in the town of Springdale, Arkansas, a horrific crime was committed against a 12-year-old girl.

But it was the injustice that followed that has defined her life.

This is the true story Hillary Clinton hoped you would never hear.

Haitian Americans beg Trump to LOCK UP



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