Remember When Hillary Clinton Saluted Lady Gaga In Full Nazi Uniform

Symbolism is everything in the world of occult, demonic control over the masses, and yesterday Hillary Clinton saluted Lady Gaga in a full Nazi uniform, complete with a red armband and a Swastika-inspired black and white symbol on her chest.

The message is crystal clear: Hillary Clinton represents the Fourth Reich of tyranny and genocide, and she’s thrilled to partner with Lady Gaga, a demonic, Satan-inspired cultural destroyer who celebrates the partial birth abortions of living human children.

It’s all IN YOUR FACE now as the demonic globalists go all-out for total control over humanity.

Can you imagine the outcry if Donald Trump joined hands with a Nazi uniform wearing celebrity to promote his own candidacy? The leftist media would go ballistic, accusing Trump of being a fascist Hitler fan and KKK supporter. But when a Hillary Clinton supporter wears a full Nazi uniform, it’s fully embraced by the morally corrupt left, which sees nothing wrong whatsoever with Nazi symbolism as long as it’s displayed in support of their chosen candidate.

If you loved Adolf Hitler, vote for Hillary Clinton to experience even more hatred, bigotry, fascist government and mass genocide.


Detailed features taken right from the Nazi wardrobe

The uniform, which bears some resemblance to a Michael Jackson outfit from the 1990s, is detailed to closely mimic Nazi uniforms, including high neck collars, a striking red armband and a symbolic chest plate that resembles the Nazi swastika, which was originally based on the “Flower of Life” symbol.



In one photo, Hillary Clinton clasps the hand of “Nazi” Gaga, smiling in her cult wardrobe pantsuit next to Nazi Gaga, who displays an angry, domineering sneer of authority. The message is clear: “We are going to rule over you stupid moronic voters with an iron fist and a totalitarian, genocidal leader who will murder her opposition.”

Hillary smiles with glee…


Hillary Clinton’s policies closely resemble Nazi genocide

It’s not mere coincidence that Hillary Clinton celebrates her appearance with Nazi Gaga: She’s completely in favor of vaccine mandates that inject children with brain damaging chemicals via government coercion.

This echoes the Nazi policies of mandatory euthanasia that saw the state ordering the deaths of handicapped, mentally retarded or elderly citizens “for the good of society.”

The exact same anti-humanitarian argument is made by people like Hillary Clinton for pushing toxic vaccines, Monsanto’s GMOs and deadly pharmaceuticals onto children and senior citizens across America.

Evil political leaders and medical genocide, it seems, go hand in hand.

Nazi propaganda: Kill the retarded ne*ros!

While the U.S. government has historically carried out numerous medical experiments on African Americans, the Nazi regime ran posters like this, which called for killing off the “retarded negros” of that era:


Here’s another poster which closely follows the “death panels” pillar of Hillary Clinton’s socialized medicine scheme. Words in italics are translated from the poster:

This congenitally handicapped person costs the nation, as a whole, 60,000 Reichsmark over a lifetime.

People this is your money.

Read Neuses Volk (“New People”)

The monthly newsletter of the racially correct political bureau of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)


If America elects Hillary Clinton, the nation becomes the Fourth Reich

There’s no other way to say it: If Americans are stupid enough to elect Hillary Clinton, they will be thrusting a genocidal serial murderer an anti-human demonic totalitarian into power. The end results will likely include nuclear war with Russia, a new civil war in America, massive economic destruction, the overrunning of America with illegal alien occupiers, the economic destruction of the nation, the collapse of the bankrupt medical system, the vanishing of pension funds, race wars in the streets and mass chaos, violence, looting and arson across America’s cities.

This is all well after the celebration of “victory,” of course, which will see the stock market skyrocket and liberal cheers all around. After the faux celebration dies down, the real cost of electing a tyrant into power begins to emerge.