Heroic Dog Finds and Saves Abandoned Baby Who Has Been Buried Alive

Our dogs do so many amazing things for us every day that we might not even realize. Even something as small as happily welcoming us home from work can make a complete difference in our mood – studies even show that having a pet can improve our overall well-being. But there are other times when our dogs step in to help us in ways that are far above and beyond these little things.

For instance, a dog in Chongqing, China recently saved a newborn baby who had been buried alive on a piece of farmland. This remarkable rescue is all thanks to the dog’s sense of smell. The dog’s guardian, Yang Jiali, went out to look for her dog on May 6, 2017, after he ran out of the house, and quickly found the pup frantically digging through the dirt.

When she went over to see what the dog was digging, she was shocked to see a crying infant wrapped in a piece of white cloth. Wow!

The baby was immediately rushed to a clinic and doctors say the one-month-old has a slow heart rate and low body temperature, but doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

As for why the baby was buried, police believe the newborn may have been buried after his parents thought he had passed away. An investigation into the burial is still ongoing, but thanks to the quick action of this heroic pup, the little one is alive and getting the help he needs.

What a true dog hero! This amazing story comes as no surprise since throughout history, dogs have been known to do extraordinary things for and with their human counterparts, including saving lives and alerting humans of danger. There are medical alert dogs that rightly, and quickly, become a part of the family and get to know their human companions very well, and then there are dogs that are naturals at sensing changes in the environment and natural disasters. One dog even saved his guardian before an Italian earthquake toppled their home!