Here’s The Video With A 5 Year Old and His Father That Everyone Is Talking About

While liberals keep calling for the complete banishment of guns from America, they’re always the first ones to praise anyone who uses one to protect them. And if you’ve been following the news in recent months, criminals are becoming more violent and deluded. They’re going after cops and even fighting them in broad daylight in the streets. Thankfully, Good Samaritans have concealed carry weapons with them and can take these bad guys out.

Now, 5-year-old Wyatt is showing America what the second amendment is all about. And after seeing this video, it will be impossible for even the most cold-blooded liberal gun hater to not want this boy to keep his rights.

While five-year-old Wyatt loves playing with toy guns, he dreams of growing up to become a gun owner one day. But if the liberals get into power, he may lose that right as they slowly stripe away one gun right after another…replacing them with gun control laws…

Although he is only five, Wyatt already had two-years of firearm experience. He learned on toy guns and now uses an actual pistol.

Because Wyatt’s dad has 40 years of firearm experience, he deemed it important to pass his knowledge down to his son. Not only does his father love guns, he also has 30 years of experience training people to use guns in the US and abroad. How does Wyatt’s father Joede know so much about guns? He spend 20 years in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with the last 9 years as part of their world-class SWAT team. And unlike some gun instructors in Las Vegas, Joede knows what he is doing…

“Wyatt liked playing with toy guns. He liked playing soldier or policeman or SWAT guy. He liked me to play along with him and I always attempted to find the time. So really, at least to me it makes sense, he learned how to handle his gun safely,” Joede revealed in an exclusive interview with QPolitical.

“GOD blessed me with a gift of firearms and tactical knowledge along with the ability to instruct it to others. All of that GOD given talent is in my child. His playing guns wasn’t just about playing guns. It was and still is about firearms safety, manipulation and the roll they play in self defense,” Joede continued.

While Joede wanted to share the video of his son playing with guns to the public, he made sure to issue a disclaimer first.

“For those inspired by this video to train your children in the use of firearms, please recognize that this child has been trained by a professional for more than 2 years prior to handling an actual firearm. Safety should always be paramount in firearms training!”

Viewers on Facebook and YouTube had a lot to say about this young boy. Here are a few popular comments:

“You should make a video or a series with details about how to start, when to transition from toys to airsoft to real firearms , special equipment etc . I khow you are not an educator and every child is a little bit different but your experience will be valuable to all of us who want to educate our kids about guns. Please consider it.”

Do you think Wyatt and other children should learn to use guns?