Here’s The Secret To Mysterious Red Striped Planes People Have Been Seeing At US Airport

If you have ever been at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, you may have noticed mysterious planes with red stripes making flights.

They come and go on a daily basis, but not just anyone can book a flight on this airline. In fact, you have to have top secret clearance to get a seat on one of these planes.

The aircraft are part of what aviation enthusiasts have nicknamed “Janet Airlines,” because the aircraft use the call sign “Janet” when flying into and out of McCarran, according to Jalopnik. They’re part of secret passenger airline operated by the U.S. government that transports contractors and employees from Las Vegas to Nevada’s National Security Site’s top secret government bases, including Area 51.

All so-called Janet aircraft are owned by the U.S. Air Force, and are operated by defense contractor AECOM, the Australian website reported.

The fleet includes six unmarked Boeing 737-600s, which can be seen regularly at Las Vegas airport, the website reported.

The planes carry approximately 190 passengers per flight, and are able to transport 1,200 people everyday if necessary, according to

The flights are so top secret that travelers cannot discuss any aspect of them with anyone.

In addition, no one really knows what the call sign “Janet” stands for. According to Business Insider, some have jokingly guessed that it could mean “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal,” while more serious-minded guesses included “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation.”

The secrecy surrounding this airline certainly doesn’t do much to quell the conspiracies with Area 51, including the one that claims the facility is housing extraterrestrials on their aircraft.

But all the secrecy does make you wonder what is going on out there.

As long as the government keeps the lid on what’s happening with “Janet Airlines” and what’s going on at Area 51, you can bet there will be all kinds of wild explanations.

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