Here’s How Much This Couple Gets In Benefits For Being Too Over Weight To Work

They are “too fat to work.” But they know how to live quite well. Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe were the feature story on the documentary show, “Benefits: Too Fat To Work.” The show aired in the United Kingdom on Jan. 5, 2016. Beer and Coombe claim their weight stops them from being employed.

To get by, the couple gets disability benefits. What is sad is that Coombe, who weighs over 320 pounds, has never had a job.

My question is – has she always been ‘disabled’ by her weight? Why doesn’t she do something to help herself? As for Beer, he weighs more than 430 pounds. He hasn’t worked for 5 years.

Beer can’t even take care of himself – he has people come into the home several times a day to get him cleaned up and dressed.

The couple gets over $3,000 each month in government benefits. That is more than some hard working people make. Doesn’t seem quite fair – does it?

Beer claims to have gotten job offers – but has turned them down. So, the government should turn down his benefits. The couple was planning their wedding on the show – they have spent more than $4,500 of their government benefits on the event.

Beer has said that he wants to lose weight and get a job. Well, good for him. I wish him luck. Share away, people.