Here Is Why People With ‘Blood Type O’ Are Special


If you have zero blood type then your genetic heredity offers you the opportunity to be strong, productive, have a long life and be optimistic.

This blood type is original type of our ancestors who were smart and aggressive predators. The persons with this blood type have important role in the society.

Leadership, activity, energy and ability for concentration are the best attributes of the people with this blood type.

These people know how to be powerful and productive. But, under stress they can become angry, hyperactive and impulsive.

Bad diet, lack of exercising, unhealthy habits or increased level of stress makes them sensitive to adverse metabolic effects, including insulin resistance, reducing of the thyroid activity and obesity.

If you belong in this group of people, your genetic heredity offers you the opportunity to be strong, have a long life and be optimistic.

What makes zero blood group unique?

The persons with this blood type are prone to certain diseases like ulcers and thyroid dysfunction. They often have low levels of thyroid hormone and lack of iodine which is a chemical element that regulates the thyroid hormones. This causes many unwanted effects like obesity, liquid withholding and tumors.

They also have higher levels of gastric acid compared to people from the rest blood groups. This causes stomach irritation and ulcers.

In Japan, this blood group is linked to personality types. You can even face a question about your blood type at job interview. The people with zero blood type are considered as responsible, dedicated, organized, focused, conscientious and practical.

It is believed that they have better orientation and good logic. It is also believed that their ancestors were hunters who had to observe and asses the environment precisely in order to survive.


The excessive anger and hyperactivity can lead to anger. People with zero blood type are prone to destructive behavior when tired, depressive or bored. In these cases they can go for some bad habits like gambling and activities that raise the adrenaline.

They should avoid caffeine and alcohol. The caffeine can be very harmful because it raises the adrenaline and noradrenaline levels, which are already high in the people with zero blood type.

Exercise is very good solution because it will relax the whole body. This blood group needs activity more than any other blood group in order to maintain good health and emotional stability. Regular physical activity is necessary three to four times a week.

For optimum results the aerobic exercises should be done 30-35 minutes at least 4 times a week. If you have this group, think about it and set some goals. In this way you can control the impulsive reactions. Bring changes in your life step by step.

Eat all the meals and snacks. Chew slowly and be relaxed.

Avoid making big decisions and spending money when you are under stress. If you have extra kilos, you have to exercise more. The 30-45 minutes exercises and the aerobic exercise are recommended 3-4 times a week.