Here Are 10 Things That Will Happen Once Queen Elizabeth Dies

Everyone around the world knows exactly who Queen Elizabeth II is. If you aren’t aware that she’s the queen, then you’ve at least seen her face at one point in your life. She’s that sweet old lady who wears great hats.

Many people think that she’s just the Queen of England, but here’s a fun little fact: she is the also the monarch of fifteen other countries such as Canada, Australia, the Bahamas to name a few. She also works closely with the British Parliament.

Queen Elizabeth II is known to show large amounts of strength, as she joined the military when she was only 18. On her trip to Ghana, the Queen was warned it was dangerous to be near the President because people wanted to kill him.

However, she refused to stay away from him and ended up meeting with the President. She is a very strong woman with incredible courage.

She is not only the longest-reigning British monarch, but she’s also currently the oldest surviving monarch in the world.

It’s really hard to imagine the world without her, but because she is 91-years-old and we humans cannot live forever, death is the reality.

This is a reality that the United Kingdom is prepared to face. So we have for you the ten things that’ll happen once Queen Elizabeth passes away.

1. There’s a more traditional way to notify people when the Queen passes on. Even though with today’s technology, there’s no doubt that news will spread fast.

At Buckingham Palace, a footman dressed in black puts up a black-edged notice on the palace’s gates. The royal family’s website will also go black, and news reporters will wear black.

2. The BBC is usually the United Kingdom’s first news service to be notified of anything. They will remove all comedies and funny content from their schedule.

They are also expected to rearrange all their programs in order to accommodate more frequent news updates. The BBC’s radio arm will also only play music that is “appropriate”

3. Queen Elizabeth II face is on money in all places that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Once she passes, it’ll switch to Prince Charles’ face within only ten days.

4. The mourning period will last for 12 days and there will be a proclaimed national holiday on the day of the Queen’s funeral, which will happen nine days after her death.

5. Charles will make his first address as King of England on the evening of the queen’s death. This will be broadcast-ed worldwide and the speech has likely been already written for years.

6. Parliament will immediately be notified and both houses will sit within hours of the Queen’s death. The MPs have to swear oaths of allegiance to the new King of England.

8. Trumpeters will step onto the roof overlooking the Friary Court and give three blasts of their instruments. Then the Garter King of Arms will begin to the proclamation of the king.

9. The floor of Westminster Hall will be covered in 1,500 meters of carpet, and hundreds of candles will be brought over from the Abbey. Streets will also be turned into ceremonial spaces.

10. On the fourth day after the Queen’s death, her body will be moved to Westminster Hall, where it’ll lie for another four days, followed by a military parade.