Her Son Couldn’t Open His Kinder Chocolate Egg

Surprise chocolates are popular treats that are supposed to contain small toys, but this mom in the U.K. opened one for her two-year-old and found six sedatives inside.

Sophie Brown’s son had enjoyed surprise chocolates before, but on December 4, she accidentally picked up an off-brand version that was not made by Ferrero. It had a “Minions” wrapper, so she assumed there would be some type of Minions-themed toy inside. Typically, she left her son alone to eat the chocolate and play, but thankfully, he couldn’t pry off the lid on the day she found the drugs.

Usually, surprise chocolates like Kinder eggs are delicious and fun. Inside the chocolate is a second egg made of plastic.

Pop it open and you’ll find a small toy! Pretty neat, huh?

Sophie, like most parents, wasn’t in the habit of supervising her son when he opened the eggs to find his toy. However, she reported that this time was different, saying, “He came running through and said ‘Mummy can you open it?’ because he had tried and wasn’t able to.”

Shockingly, Sophie found six over-the-counter pills in place of a toy. Had the small boy swallowed them, they would have put him in a coma or worse. Immediately, she went to the police.

As of now, investigators haven’t come up with any leads as to how the medicine ended up inside the chocolate. Inspector Colin Skeath said:

“This appears to be an isolated incident and our inquiries are ongoing to determine how the medication came to be within the confectionery item.”

Sophie is glad her boy is okay, noting that he’s “at that age where he would have definitely tried eating them.” She’s urging parents not to leave their kids alone with surprise chocolates and to always take a close look at what’s inside.