Heartbroken Goat Refuses To Eat For 6 Days, Then Rescuers Discover Why He’s So Depressed

When Mr. G arrived at Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch in Grass Valley, California, he was a wreck. The poor little goat refused to eat, could not be cheered up and simply laid down in the corner of his stall with his head drooped down.

Special treats wouldn’t even work with the sweet little goat. He wouldn’t budge nor would he eat. His loss of appetite lasted for six long days.

It was as if he had given up on life altogether. The rescue workers were very concerned. They knew they needed to do something soon.

They ruled out health problems, so they did a little research and discovered that Mr. G had been separated from his best buddy of 10 long years. He apparently was overcome with grief over the loss of his best friend, a burro named Jellybean.

The two both had been rescued from abusive situations and had come to rely on each other for support. They spent 10 years together in a 12-foot by 12-foot dirt plot without shade or shelter and hardly any food or water. But now, they were miles apart.

So the volunteers decided to track down Jellybean. They found the burro and after a 14-hour round-trip made by volunteer Jeff McCracken, they reunited the two total opposites who clearly missed each other dearly.

When Jellybean sauntered into Mr. G’s stall, the little goat couldn’t believe it! But it took a quick sniff for Mr. G to finally realize that it was truly his long lost friend.

Mr. G hopped up, snorting and sniffing. They headed out to the pasture and began bonding again.

Finally, Mr. G began to eat. Not only did he eat, he dined from his buddy Jellybean’s bowl.

Blessedly, Jellybean will remain at Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch and the pair will be together for as long as they graze this earth. People are astonished to discover that two totally different animals are such great friends.

They’re also amazed at the incredible bond the two formed and how it took the reunion to save Mr. G’s life. Today, they do not stray more than 10 feet from each other.