Heart Monitor Shows What Men Feel When They See Models Versus Loved Ones

When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or flipping through a magazine, what do you see? Lots and lots of beautiful people. What do you feel when you look at them? Do you feel love or excitement when you see them? How about jealousy or envy? Even more, what does your heart do? Does it swell with pride and love or does it keep its steady rhythm?

Dove wanted to see how people react, specifically men, when they see models versus pictures of their loved ones. Their answers were surprising at first, but then made complete sense.

A group of men sat in front of a large screen.

They were hooked up to a heart monitor as a model appeared and they described what they saw.

“She’s a dream woman.”

“She’s cute.”

“I don’t know her.”

The mens’ heart rates stayed steady as they looked at the images of women who were complete strangers to them.

“The person looks unfriendly.”

“Maybe if this woman looked me in the eyes I would feel shame, I’d feel a bit embarrassed.”

Then the models were replaced with images of their loved ones.

“This is my sister.”

“It’s my daughter.”

When looking at the models, their hearts beat about 70-80 bpm.

“When we were kids, we used to call our grandma Bela (beautiful). It wasn’t her name, but she was beautiful.”

Now looking at loved ones, they started to beat faster.

“Just like her daughter, she has an amazing smile, an open smile.”

Even if we looked calm and cool on the outside, our hearts can’t lie about what they feel.

“The wrinkles, I think that’s the most beautiful thing about her.”

Love is a beautiful thing that has the power to make our hearts race with just one look.

“The lion’s mane that she always ties up while I always ask her to leave it down.”

“Her freckles that I love, uncountable.”

“She’s stayed the same, I met her when I was about 19 or 20 years old…and she remains the same, the same face.”

Love doesn’t grow old. In fact it grows stronger with time and can make time stand still.

“This unique beauty that my wife and I create — this is the result. She’s indescribable.”

To describe true love in words can at times seem impossible but a heart beat is possibly the easiest ways to express how one truly feels.

“The way that she looks at me, she manages to express all her love.”

Beauty has little to do with how you look but how you make someone feel.


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