Healed By Wheatgrass: 74 Year Old Man Won The Fight Against Cancer


74-year old Danny MacDonald from Ireland, was diagnosed with stomach cancer, doctors had predicted he had only 3 months left to live. Danny decided not to do chemotherapy but decided to try living his life using alternative methods. 4 years later he feels it is thanks to the wheatgrass juice (young wheat stalks).

“I told the doctors I wasn’t prepared to undergo the course of treatments they had suggested,” Danny is quoted as saying. “I knew it would kill me. They were furious I had come to that conclusion.The consultant warned me I’d be dead in three months.I did not know what to expect but I was determined. In just 7 days I started feeling better and the itchy feeling disappeared. At that moment I stopped taking the pills doctors prescribed me.” “A month later all the pain disappeared and I knew I was getting better” – explains MacDonald in an interview with Sunday World.

Danny began with 28g juice per day and kept increasing his doses. He has gained back all the weight he had lost as a result of using them for his illness. “I know many people who think that wheatgrass can not kill cancer, but I am a living proof for its power” says Danny MacDonald.

Believe it or not, but this man effectively cured his cancer and now he is a living proof to the life regenerating power of the amazing wheatgrass.

Below is a great video of testimonials from people that have cured their cancer using wheatgrass: