He Smoked DMT 600 Times In Three Years, Here Are The Results

According to Vice, Dick Khan is not the person that you would expect to be partaking in a psychedelic experience. On the contrary, Khan is actually a pretty clean cut guy, with zero tattoos or piercings.

He isn’t a hipster or a druggy, or any of those things. Actually, he prefers to be called an “independent DMT researcher.”

Erowid, the online emporium of drug vaults explains that DMT is a “powerful, visual psychedelic which produces short-acting effects when smoked. It is used orally in combination with a MAOI, as in ayahuasca brews. It is naturally produced in the human body and by many plants.”

The ‘spirit molecule’ or DMT has been used for ages by Shamans for a variety of healing purposes. So what did Khan have to say to Vice about his experience? In the beginning of his interview, he explains that he has had an interest in classic out of body experiences since he was a child. However, as he endeavored into young adulthood he began experimenting with psychedelic drugs.

And despite his drug use, he holds a full-time job and a family down. And when he was asked if his experiences had changed him for the better or worse, he told Vice,

“I already believed in something beyond humanity. That was faith because I had no knowledge of it. But having seen what I’ve seen, I am now certain. In terms of changes, they have been subtle but significant. In my personal life I’m far more conscious that relationships with people are important; how you deal with people is important. It’s tempered my urge to judge others and made me more mature in that respect. I feel more ingenuous. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but there has been a change. I’m more patient. You know that you’re going to die and you’re convinced that your personality isn’t going to last, but something, somewhere within you, is going to persist. You begin to think more profoundly about these deeper aspects of your life and beyond.”

Basically, Khan realized that he can have deeper experiences with psychedelic drugs with the right tactics. He is safe, educated, holds down his job and still manages to trip out from time to time.  You can read the entire interview here.