He Pulled On A String In An Attic. What He Found Was Absolutely Mind Blowing

When was the last time you checked out what’s hiding in your attic? For me, the attic trip is a once-per-year activity and even then I’ll just throw the christmas decorations up there without barely peeking my head inside; a truly forgotten and mysterious part of the home to many of us.

After fleeing their family home in Czechoslovakia after World War II, 80-year-old Rudi Schlatnner hadn’t returned for almost 70 years and when he did, he discovered something quite unbelievable.


The aim of his return was to locate his father’s old possessions, which he believed were stored inside the roof


And he certainly was not disappointed, the abundance of family treasures was an amazing trip down memory lane for Rudi


There were so many items, it took over an hour to unearth all of the hidden gems


Amazingly, he found things in almost perfect condition. Safely stored away by his father and unaffected by time


It’s a complete rarity that items can last this many years without the weathering of life affecting their condition


Even glass bottles managed to remain intact, many with their contents still inside


With most items wrapped in paper, Rudi’s father clearly had intentions of preserving the items for years to come


And that wish came true. With his son unearthing them almost 70 years later


Despite it originally being his family home, the building now belongs to the Czech government which means the objects aren’t technically in Rudi’s possession. Instead, they shall continue to be carefully looked after in the local Usti and Labem museum.


Still, the 80-year-old enjoyed the discovery and being reunited with memories from his childhood


Given my house was only built 12 years ago, I doubt any history is hidden in the attic and it is likely just some Christmas lights, a couple of spiders and an unfathomable amount of dust. Still, if your house has more history, it may be worth checking out the attic.



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