He Finds His Great Grandpa’s Dusty Trunk From The 1900’s – But When He Opened It?

When a Reddit user found an old trunk in his grandfather’s house, he had no idea he was about to make an incredible family discovery.

It had been hidden away in his grandfather’s garage for decades, untouched and unopened. His grandfather had never told anyone about the trunk or its contents. When it was finally opened, everything inside was in perfect condition. No one could have guessed what treasures he would find, things that his great-great-grandfather had once held, touched, read, and used.

It was incredible enough when we heard about the man who found a chest that his grandfather had once owned, but this was his great-great-grandfather. That’s the turn of the century 1900s and the years after: the Titanic, WWI, and the roaring twenties.

Can you imagine finding something as incredible as this? This relation whom you’ve never met but now are invariably connected to. His handwriting, along with his books, and his eyeglasses. It’s one thing to see a faceless name on the family tree, even with sites like Genealogy.com we can get closer to the distant past, but we don’t often get chances like this!

All we can say is that this is absolutely incredible and a truly unique find that we’re happy to pass along to you.
Have you ever found something like this from your own family? Please let us know in the comments!

Looks like a pile of junk, doesn’t it?

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One of the first items he found was a John Deere Farming Companion booklet.

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Then he came across a tube of elixir name “Liquozone” that cured everything that could possibly ail you!

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Along with three incredible soft leather pouches.

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This box was once home to a Colt revolver. Inside was a bullet, some letters, and an ancient gun-cleaning rod.

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Can you imagine finding something like this? He was told that they were shooting glasses, perhaps old sunglasses, or even a pair of glasses used to read invisible ink!

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The trunk was also filled with an assortment of antique books from the turn of the century.

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This book had odd colorations added to the sides of the pages.

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His great-great-grandfather was a Mason… He didn’t know that fact until he found this in the trunk.

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The book is full of Masonic rules and symbols.

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His great-great-grandfather was also a member of the Scottish Rite.

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“This 10k gold ring is given to Scottish Rite members. On the inside of the ring, there is a latin phrase that reads: virtus junxit mors non separabit. This translates to ‘Whom virtue unites, death will not separate.’ “

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He also found a letter from a friend of his great-great-grandfather. In the letter, his friend described that was glad that he was feeling better, but was sad about the drought.

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There was also a beautiful Christmas card from his great-great-grandfather’s daughter, Ella.

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Along with a colorful map of Europe! Notice the different borders of Germany at the time.

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Not a bad collection of family memorabilia for one old-looking chest hidden away in a garage!

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