He Filled A Pair of Socks With Kitty Litter, and He Solved A Problem Everyone Has

As Autumn begins, we enjoy the temperate weather and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  However, before we know it, freezing cold mornings will be upon us.  There is nothing more frustrating, than running late to get the kids to school or getting off to work, because you can’t move until your window’s defrost!

This maddening wait in the freezing cold can be remedied, by this ingenious and simple solution offered in the video you are about to watch.  Would you believe that a pair of athletic socks and some cat litter is the answer to your woes?!

Watch to see how he puts together the socks and a particular kind of cat litter. No fuss, no muss.  He leaves this great little device in the car until winter’s end.  Getting going in the morning, or for that matter anytime of day during the freezing days of winter, will no longer be hampered by frozen windows.  Watch carefully to see how it’s done, and why it works!