He Decided To Drink 1 Gallon Of Water For 30 Days The Results Are Shocking

Recently, a journalist from the “Thrillist” portal did an unusual experiment which involved a consumption of a gallon of water daily. After a month, something shocking happened! Even though he expected certain changes, the results went beyond all expectations.


At the first day, he bought a gallon bottle of water and carried it anywhere he went to. He knew that this task will not run smoothly, as the amount of water exceeds the RDA. However, he decided to stay committed to his goal.

DAY 5 (Urinating every 20 minutes)

The human body requires water intake on a daily basis, as it is made of 60 percent water. However, drinking a gallon of water daily is quite challenging and it causes certain changes in your daily regimen. For instance, you will start eating less and urinate more frequently. According to the journalist, he started going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, during the very first couple of days. As mentioned above, he carried the gallon anywhere and drank water all the time, regardless of whether he was at home or not.

DAY 10 (I`ve become beautiful?)

The journalist stated that he had started feeling different in the morning at this point. Prior the experiment, he felt lethargic in the morning and couldn’t imagine starting his day without a cup of coffee. However, during this experiment, he felt energized in the morning and even looked much better.  It was quite difficult to drink the gallon of water daily, but he stayed focused and committed. Even though people looked at him as a weirdo, he didn’t give up.

DAY 15 (Full of energy)

After 15 days passed, he started feeling energized and able to get rid of the coffee, as he didn’t need it anymore. This was a drastic change for him, given the fact that he used to drink about three cups of coffee daily. Other thing he noticed was that he felt physical improvements, in terms of being able to run faster. In addition, he experienced improvements in his sleeping patterns and didn’t feel hot before bedtime. Needless to say he felt thirsty if he hadn’t drink water for a while, meaning that his body has gradually adjusted to the new lifestyle change.

DAY 20 (People tell me I look happier)

Even though many changes occurred during this time, the frequent need to urinate remained the same, as it was from the very first start of the experiment. At this point, the urine became clearer and the skin`s appearance improved.  Interestingly, the journalist claims that he felt much happier and he came to terms with the need to carry the gallon of water everywhere. In fact, he adjusted to this change and didn’t find drinking a gallon of water problematic.

DAY 30 (Free and clean)

Despite the fact that he felt thirsty all the time, the last day ran smoothly. According to the journalist, even though he endured a difficult month, drinking a gallon of water is not as much as we think it is. Being encouraged by the positive results, he doesn’t plan on quitting now.

This experiment is designed to show people that water works wonders for your health and that lack of it can lead to negative effect. Even though you shouldn’t try the experiment on your own, you should definitely start drinking more water. Find the amount that works for you and stick to it. The positive results are inevitable.