He Collected Pennies For 40 Years – But Then The Bank Said Something That Left Him Speechless

Plenty of people keep a penny jar in the house, but for the last 40 years, Otha Anders of Louisiana has been taking that practice to a whole different level.

After filling up over a dozen 5-gallon drums with pennies, he decided it was time to cash in, and started carting the pennies down to the bank. It took them over five hours to count the bounty, but the most amazing part is what they told him when they were done.

For over 40 years, Otha Anders saved every penny he could find.


He saved the pennies in big 5-gallon jugs and over the years, they started to really take up space.


One day, he decided enough was enough and started carting his pennies over to the bank. It was time to cash in.


What happened when he got to the bank, though, blew everyone’s mind!

Holy cow! That’s about a thousand times better than just finding an old dollar bill in your pocket. I’m going to start saving pennies right now!