He Came Out of The Shower and Found This Rash, But It Wasn’t His Soap

When 23-year-old Rodney Colley got out of the shower, he noticed something under his arm that resembled “a diaper rash.”

The college student from Alexandria, Virginia assumed it was his soap, but when the rash started to get worse, he worried.

At first Colley had no idea what was causing the rash in his armpit. He decided to go about his normal Sunday routine, but then suddenly the rash started to get worse and worse. Until he started experiencing a lot of pain the next morning.

“I got out of the shower on Monday morning and it felt like my armpit was on fire,” Rodney tells IJ.com. “So I looked in the mirror and sure enough the skin around it started scabbing.”

Eventually, Colley realized that the deodorant he was using caused chemical burns to his skin.

He had used Old Spice brand deodorants for years but this was the first time he tried their Pure Sport High Endurance product.

But this is not the first time this Old Spice product has burned people’s skin. Actually there are dozens of reports.

Last October, Michael Smith posted the video below, included below, that shows how he got a chemical burn from Old Spice deodorant.

Consumer Affairs, reports a 1/5 star review for Old Spice products mainly because their products burn people.

Although dozens of people have come forward complaining that Old Spice deodorants burn their skin, the company has yet to release a statement about it.

Michael Smith posted a video on YouTube describing the burns he received on his under arms after using an Old Spice brand deodorant.

Comments under his story showed that more people had similar experiences.

Still, while there are multiple claims of Old Spice customers suffering from either allergic reactions like contact dermatitis or chemical burns, the company has not released any statements regarding the issue.