He Accidentally Captures Gas Station Scam, Shares Video So Others Don’t Get Screwed Too

It was just a normal day for Kaloyan Pechevski. But when he pulled into an Illinois Citgo gas station, he uncovered what is thought to be a huge scam that is swindling average American commuters and drivers out of millions of dollars on a daily basis. If it wasn’t for one vigilante and his decision to catch the fraud on camera, we might not know that Citgo seemingly charges its customers for more than just gas.

In the video below, which is the second in a series that has gone viral many times over, you’ll watch what Pechevski is shocked to witness. Even though the gas nozzle is resting on the trunk of his car, and is not leaking gas, the gas meter keeps creeping up and he is being charged more money every second.

Watch the video below and decide if you think it’s a conspiracy or not!

In the video, Pechevski explains what is happening. The gas gauge keeps adding gallons to the total without dispensing any liquid gas into his tank.

As he asks in the video description: “Is this a fraud or just a mistake?! Let the regulatory organs decide that!”

But it seems like the trouble this average driver had with Citgo did not stop with this fraudulent pump activity. When he went back inside to get his money back, the man inside told him an interesting story about how this happens. As he writes:

“After that I went to get my 25$ back and I was told by the gentleman that sometimes it gets loose and that was the reason for what you saw on my video! Interesting, don’t you think! I left with empty tank and do not have any plans to visit CITGO anymore!”

Watch the video now to see the evidence? Do you think this is a Citgo Scam or is it a mistake?

Users have shared many responses in the YouTube comments.

The person, who claims to have operated a gas station for a decade, says it is just a “mechanical issue”. Pechevski is charged 58 cents over the course of three minutes. The commenter said that if it was a scam, they would be stealing more from customers. Here is his response:

“It’s common, if you actually press the trigger it will dispense the proper amount of fuel, if you stop again it may continue to calculate without dispensing, its a mechanical issue, not necessarily deception or rigged pumps. I worked at a station for 10 years, there are a few glitches pumps can experience, some actually work in your favor. If you start pressing the trigger immediately it should work fine but who in their right mind sits there for3 minutes waiting for $0.58 to total on, if it were the commission agent or owner wanting to rip you off it would be a lot more than $0.58 cents in 3 minutes. Its either an issue with the nozzle pressure or internal pump issue.”

Do you think Citgo and other corporations are stealing from you?

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