Have You Noticed A Woman With This Tattoo – If So Here’s What It Means

A miscarriage is not something that any woman should ever have to experience, but unfortunately, they are merely a part of reality and when they take place, women are typically given the same type of advice. They are either told that “their time will come” or that “God wasn’t ready yet”.

While these people certainly do mean well with the advice that they offer, words like these offer little solace to a woman who has just lost a little piece of herself. These people do not understand the hardships that the family has experienced and women are now receiving a symbolic tattoo to memorialize the experience.

The design of this tattoo is one that you have probably seen before, but did not realize the true meaning of. It starts with a line that is solid, black and curved. This is meant to serve as a silhouette of the expectant mother and the child that is living within her womb.

The line is then used as a symbol of the connection that the mother feels in her heart with the unborn child. Thanks to this design’s unique sense of simplicity, it has become the chosen tattoo for mothers who have experience this situation all over the world.

The isolation and loneliness that women experience during a miscarriage can be tough to deal with. These tattoos serve to provide a much greater sense of community and are now considered to be a unifying agent of sorts.

The upcoming footage is designed to offer an ever greater sense of togetherness for women who have dealt with experiences like this one in the past. If you know someone who has been touched by a loss like this one, take a moment to pass this clip along to them, so that they know that they are not alone in this world.