Have You Heard of Planet Ummo – Aliens Living Among Us?

The Ummo case is one of the most well known cases of sustained and systematic contact with an alleged alien species. The case which started back in the 1950s has been mostly investigated by Spanish researchers as it seems to primarily involve contact between Spanish citizens and the aliens from planet Ummo. Those that had close encounters or communicated with them speak of  human-like aliens with a well built body and  Nordic characteristics. According to the information disclosed by the aliens, their planet (Ummo) belongs to the constellation of Virgo and orbits around star Wolf424. It has a gravity  20% greater than the Earth and is at a distance of  14 to 15 light years.

But how did they discover Earth? According to the Ummites they were able to pick up radio signals from us. Specifically, between the 5th and 7th of February 1934 on a Norwegian ship located near the island of Terra Nova (east Canada) scientists on board were conducting telecommunication experiments attempting to send Morse code signals from their location to Bergen (Norway).  Radio communications involve the use of the ionosphere, a layer of the Earth´s atmosphere that reflects radio communications like a mirror and allows radio signals to travel large distances. That year the density of the ionosphere was at a minimum which meant that some radio signals could travel though the ionosphere in to space. Apparently, one of the Morse code radio signals escaped the Earth´s boundaries and was received by the Ummites about 14 years later. Although they did not know of the Morse code they were able to understand that the radio signal was not some random cosmic noise but that it originated from an intelligent species.

In 1950 the Ummite expedition of three craft reached Earth. They landed in the lower French alps in an area known as La Javie where they set-up their first base in a remote cave. The Ummites wanted to understand us; their objective was to pass unnoticed and live among us.

After 15 years of preparation and learning about our planet, in 1965, the Ummites started to contact a set of 20 carefully selected people in Spain from all walks of life (mostly from Madrid). They communicated by post (typed letters), phone calls or by meeting with the contactees. During their communication they would share information about many topics. The Ummites rarely shared information to persuade contactees that they were indeed aliens. They had no interest in convincing the world that they were indeed from another planet as that would make their work on Earth more difficult They shared information about their planet and their society and about some of their old technologies that could be applicable on Earth. In a document passed on in 1967 we clearly see a description of compact disc technology which became a reality for us in the early 1980’s. They also presented ideas about quantum computing and spoke about the concepts of the Internet and virtual reality. Although highly advanced, the Ummites were fascinated with our planet and with our ability to create all forms of art.

Their revelations also cover spirituality. They mention that they also have had great avatars in their planet. In 1966 they shared information about their great avatar known as Ummowoa and speak of similarities with Jesus, Buddha and others.

At first sight, the case seems too extreme to be true but according to a number of serious UFO researchers who have studied the case extensively and had the opportunity to interview contacts and cross check events state that the case is most probably real and that the aliens from Ummo continue to live among us (such as Juan Jose Benitez and Jose Luis Camacho). If this case is fake then who has been maintaining this story alive for over 50 years? What are they trying to achieve? Could it just be a social experiment? Maybe its a mix of reality and fiction. Fake evidence could have been planted  to make the case loose credibility by journalists or other individuals. Some claim that the Ummites may have also done the same to protect themselves at times when the case was gaining too much popularity and credibility.