Harrowing Footage Shows The Moment A Woman Fell Into A Shark Tank

THIS is the terrifying moment a woman falls into a shark tank during feeding time at a Chinese shopping mall.

The woman miraculously survived despite splashing in the water as two sharks circled her for about a minute.

She was pulled from the water by two security guards and walked away uninjured, according to local reports.

It’s believed the feeding hatch was left open, with the shark tank housing several baby lemon sharks which can grow to about 3.4 metres.

The accident occurred yesterday at the Wuyue Plaza in Jiaxing, east China’s Zhejiang Province, before the shopping centre had opened for trading.

Terrifying footage shows the woman walking along the footage bridge before tripping over and plunging into the water.


A crowd then gathers around as she is seen swimming in the water while the two small lemon sharks surround her.

According to a spokesman, the staff member was late for a meeting and used the gangway as a shortcut when she tripped on the open tank lid and fell in.

They added: “The gangway is off limits during feeding time but the employee was in a rush to get to a meeting.

“She was quickly rescued from the tank and did not suffer any injuries.”

Earlier this year, an Instagram model from California was attacked after deciding to swim with some nurse sharks in the Bahamas.

Katarina Zarutskie, 19, told NBC News that after posing on a pier for a few minutes, a bystander encouraged her to take a dip and float in the water.

But it was dangerous advice, with a 1.5m shark sinking its teeth in, leaving Ms Zarutskie desperate to stop the blood spreading into the water.

“He had my wrist in his mouth and I could feel his teeth sinking into my arm,” Ms Zarutskie told NBC News.

“I was pulled underwater for a few seconds and then ripped my wrist out of the shark’s mouth as fast as I could.”

The nursing student denied that she performed a stunt to gain followers, and said she would be left with scarring; something she was worried would affect her modelling career.

But, the daring model said: “I am so fortunate that I still have my arm and my life.”