Harold Rosenthal Killed After Spilling The Beans In This Interview


The following crucial interview of Harold Rosenthal is crucial to understanding our current world and who runs it.  Not all Jews are part of this Zionist fake Jew takeover agenda discussed in the video of course.  Some Jews actually believe Jesus is the Son of God but they are unfortunately a small minority.  Many will come to Christ in the final days, the Bible tells us this.

It’s important to learn the mindset of these evil Zionists who serve Lucifer and so much is explained in this video from 1976.  Harold Rosenthal was very involved in the workings of our government in Washington D.C.   Shortly after this interview Rosenthal was killed in a hijacking but it seems obvious to me that he was taken out and the hijacking was only used as a cover up.  I think he had to be killed for spilling the beans on everything here for some extra cash!

I pray many of these Luciferian Zionists will come to Jesus before it’s too late for them and they get thrown into the lake of fire.  These are the people I believe were named in the Bible as fake Jews (they say they are Jews but are not!) or the Synagogue of satan.


Listen to Video Before Google deletes it!

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview.  Harold was killed shortly after this tell all!