Happy Panda – DC Zoo Bear Enjoys Blizzard Snow


A giant panda at America’s national zoo in Washington has gone viral after his enthusiastic appreciation for the newly-fallen snow from the east coast blizzard.

Tian Tian was captured on camera rolling in the deep snow Saturday morning and loving life, perhaps celebrating the lack of human gawkers shut out by the storm.

The short clip has been retweeted over 110,000 times.

For any concerned viewers who thought Tian Tian might be feeling a little chilly in the cold temperatures, the zoo reassured everyone that a panda’s “thick woolly fur” is “perfect for keeping them warm.”

One of the zoo’s other pandas wasn’t as keen on the white stuff when young cub Bei Bei looked a little unimpressed on Friday.

Not to be outdone by his black and white relations, this red panda was also spotted frolicking in the snow.

The Smithsonian National Zoo remains closed Saturday due to the treacherous conditions, with over four feet of snow expected in the DC area.