Handy Hints and Top Tips for Betting on Slots Online

As you are probably aware, there are thousands of slots online for you to play. While there are unquestionably similarities between some of them (known as sister slots), many offer something different, an alternative style of gameplay to their counterparts. However, irrespective of the slot you are considering playing, the best games always have tell-tale signs that they are top titles. Join us as we explore a few handy hints and top tips for betting on slots online.

Play Slot Variants for Free

First and foremost, you should know that every slot game can be played for free, even progressive jackpot games. Unfortunately, you won’t win anything when you choose to play free slot demos. However, you will get a great understanding of how each game works before you wager your hard-earned cash on them. This is also handy if you want to check our special features in new games ahead of time.

Learn About Volatility

It is very much worth understanding volatility. Also known as risk or slot variance, this figure is often expressed as low, medium, or high. Low variance effectively means that the slot lets you win regularly but pays out small prizes most of the time. By contrast, highly volatile slots do not offer frequent wins. However, when the win arrives, it tends to be considerably epic. Naturally, a medium volatile slot offers something in-between. Remember that as wins are infrequently in high roller slots, you need a big balance to sustain losing spells.

Avoid Slots with Lots of Symbols

We would always recommend avoiding slot machines that support a lot of symbols. Our logic for this is straightforward. The more symbol a slot features, the greater the chance that one of the more useless ones will get in the way of you landing a winning combo. The fewer the symbols, the more likely you are to land a winning combo.

More Ways to Win Doesn’t Guarantee Prizes

Just because a slot machine has a wealth of paylines or ways to win doesn’t mean that you are more likely to land a prize. It may seem that way, but it is the volatility level that dictates how often prize-paying combos occur, not the number of lines. The number of lines may indicate how winning combos you can land when one occurs, but not when they will land. If this was the case, then MegaWays slots would pay on every spin. They don’t – in fact, they are highly volatile games.

Understand RTP

The final piece of advice we have regarding slot machines with big limits is related to RTP. This is shown as a percentage and tells you how much of each bet the casino puts back into the pot for all slot players to win. The opposite of RTP is the house edge, and that is the pure profit the casino takes from each bet. The higher the RTP and lower the house edge, the fairer the game is. We wouldn’t play any slot with an RTP of less than 95%.