Gut Instinct Keeps Author From Attending Las Vegas Concert — ‘Something Didn’t Feel Right

Author and police officer Tyler Beddoes found himself on his knees praying on Monday morning after his wife told him about the horrific massacre that unfolded at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beddoes, author of “Proof of Angels” and “Left Standing: The Miraculous Story of How Mason Wells’s Faith Survived the Boston, Paris, and Brussels Terror Attacks,” said that he and his wife were going to go to the concert, but ended up changing their minds.

“Something didn’t feel right about it,” he said. “Something didn’t feel right about going to that and we always go to concerts.”

Beddoes and his family had stopped off in Las Vegas to visit his wife’s relatives before heading to Disneyland in California this week.

Initially, Beddoes and his wife planned to go to the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert, but said that an explicable gut feeling led them to head to California early.

“It’s just crazy,” Beddoes said of the tragic shooting that left more than 50 people dead and hundreds injured. “I’ve learned to really rely on that inner voice. If that doesn’t feel right, let’s not do it.”

Beddoes said he was sickened by the news and that he immediately turned to prayer after his wife told him what happened.

“The first thing when my wife said it, I got on my knees in the hotel room and just prayed,” he said, adding that he wishes he was still in Las Vegas to help out in the wake of the attack.

As Faithwire previously reported, Beddoes first made national headlines in 2015 after a deadly car wreck unfolded on a frigid March day. Beddoes, who serves on the Spanish Fork Police Department, recalled in a past interview with Faithwire how he and three of his fellow cops heard a mysterious voice at the scene — one that, to this day, has no natural explanation.

“We all heard an adult female voice, which was a calm voice saying, ‘Help me, help me,’” he recalled. “This voice really guided us to the car and gave us hope that whoever was calling out was alive.”

But here’s the crazy part: Once the officers reached the vehicle, they quickly realized that the adult female inside had been deceased for quite some time (later, they found out she died on impact 14 hours earlier). That said, the woman’s daughter, an 18-month-old baby named Lily, was still alive — yet unconscious — in the back seat of the vehicle.