GTA Opens Online Casino Where Gamers Can Spend REAL Money

Rockstar Games have developed more than a few popular games, yet none of them come even remotely close to Grand Theft Auto. Commonly referred to as GTA by the fans, it has a cult following and players from all over the world anxiously await the latest release. The series of games has never been one to shy away from controversy and there were many people unhappy with their take on gambling. In spite of all the criticism, the company chose to stick to its guns and offer pay by mobile casino games, knowing that the vast majority of players were perfectly happy. Now they are ready to take things to go even further and take gambling to the next level.

Turn real money into in-game currency

The Diamond Casino & Resort to GTA Online is Rockstar Games’ latest addition to the celebrated franchise. This brand-new location is inspired by the luxurious Las Vegas casino and already acts as a magnet for players. They can already spend real money in game to acquire virtual currency which can be used to purchase vehicles, vanity items and so on. The arrival of this live online casino represents a milestone for the franchise, as it allows players to trade in-game currency for chips. Basically, they acquire a new type of virtual money that can be used exclusively to gamble.

Those who prefer to stick to the original game mechanics can do so, but the new casino offers a new type of entertainment to players who have a keen eye for gambling. Essentially players convert real money into game currency and then turn the latter into casino chips. There were some people who claimed that this exposes video games’ fans to the risks of gambling without them even knowing. The game developers argued that this is just another form of entertainment that players can pursue if they wish.

GTA’s online casino is a one-way street

For the time being, players can only use real money to acquire in-game currency and then turned this in for casino chips. It is not possible to reverse this process and cash out the winnings in the form of real money, as this would constitute playing gambling. This means that the odds of players losing interest in the online casino are significantly higher, as they don’t have the chance of winning real money. They can still lose significant amounts if they decide to purchase a lot of in-game currency and gamble it away. There is also the risk of exposing young people to gambling in a rather insidious way.

Rockstar’s video games have always been controversial, with over the top violence and explicit graphics. It comes as no surprise that they were the ones to pioneer the online casino, yet their critics consider that this time they have gone too far. At the end of the day, people should be responsible for their actions and only spend the amounts they can afford on all forms of entertainment, including online gambling.

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