Groundbreaking New Documentary Explores The Implications of The Secret Space Program

In today’s time, speaking about extraterrestrials and UFOs seems commonplace. While not everyone will be open the subject, it is more widely accepted than even 5 years ago, never mind 10 or 15 years ago. Consider what we have seen just this last year for example. Videos of authentic UFO footage from the US Air Force hit mainstream media and sparked worldwide conversation. A prominent music industry figure, Tom Delonge, has made large waves with his new group To The Stars Academy which not only explores the ET question but the technologies that go along with it.

Agree with Tom or not, he is still creating awareness that brings this subject into conversations. Just those events alone has made it hard not to begin to question what is going on in this space.

Of course, you can’t have the ET and UFO conversation without discussing the secrecy around the subject it. How do we know there is secrecy? Well, hundreds of thousands of hours of work have been put in by prominent researchers and whistleblowers to put the pieces together and help educate the public about what governments refuse to address with any quality. Their work points to declassified documents, video and still image evidence, credible whistleblower testimony and more. Over the years, that work has awoken millions to the truth they already knew within themselves but required more evidence to truly accept.

Now, many are ready for the next step, and arguably, it’s here.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode made waves in the ET/UFO space as they worked together to bring David’s lifelong research and Corey’s testimony to the public. Their audience grew in the hundreds of thousands, as people strived to understand every last detail of what could be one of the biggest secrets ever kept from humanity: the reality of a secret space program.

The Secret Space Program

What is the secret space program exactly? Well, that has been highly debated and speculated over the years, but according to Corey Goode’s personal testimony, and David Wilcock’s insider testimony, it would look something like a multi-trillion-dollar program made up of a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”. This would include actions and happenings involving interactions with extraterrestrial races that have been communicating with humanity and who have been working with aspects of military for decades.

To mention a few implications of such a program, we learn about:

  • The reality of intelligent extraterrestrial life
  • Off planet bases and civilizations
  • Advanced technologies that would end the use of fossil fuels
  • Health technologies that could cure almost any disease
  • The reality that taxpayer money has been secretly funding these operations
  • The reality of humanities origins
  • The very striking and everyday reality that our governments have been lying to us and keeping us enslaved

Above Majestic & My Review

Thankfully, an entire rundown of this program and its implications are now available in a new comprehensive documentary titled Above Majestic.

The film features some the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure. This includes David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, William Tompkins, David Adair, Laura Eisenhower, Niara Isley, and Jordan Sather.

Viewers will be guided through a true deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover-ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that explains the secret space program.

Having already seen this film, I’ll be honest in that it’s a deep dive. If you have never heard anything about the UFO and ET coverup, this film might be a little advanced. This isn’t to say you can’t view it and then go on a research binge afterwards, but be prepared with an open mind as this may be some of the most groundbreaking information you have ever heard.

Since I work every day in this space, there wasn’t a whole lot of new information, but I did still learn a few things I thought were pretty cool.

This film reminded me of the excitement I had when I made my first documentary. It has the energy of bringing forth cutting edge information that hasn’t been done in a format like this before, and personally, it was great to connect with that feeling. I imagine this energy would be felt by anyone who watches this film, knowing that what they are hearing has the potential to truly shift humanity if all were to engage.

Whether you agree with all of what is said in this film or not, I don’t believe it matters. I’ll explain why. We need to begin to realize that some of the specific small details that we sometimes don’t agree on are only creating further divides in this space. I feel more energy is wasted trying to fight one another about these details than spreading information further and working to shift our own consciousness – which is how this world will change anyway.

For me, I have carried two rules into this ET and UFO space as I have met and worked with many of the prominent figures within it. They are:

1. If I hear something that is hearsay from someone else, usually trash talking or something of that nature, I go directly to the person it’s about and talk to them about the info. I don’t care to name names, more so just talk about the facts. Most of the time, you find out the trash talking was BS or misconstrued. You also often find that people have never actually taken the time to speak to their colleagues about the issue at hand.

2. I remember that like me, and everyone else on the planet, we are all souls on a journey. We each have our everyday challenges we are working through. With this level of empathy towards others, we are much more open to discerning information.

These rules have helped to bridge gaps between people, repair relationships and ultimately work towards creating a more solid and united disclosure movement grounded in the practice of living through the heart. An important and sometimes missing aspect of this space.

With that said, if you’re ready to dive into what will be one of the biggest films of the year in this space. I feel like this film will make some pretty big waves across the board and I’m curious to hear the feedback!

For those that want to check out the trailer first, I have posted it below.

Above Majestic Trailer