Great Dane Extremely Jealous of New Puppy

As you may know, our Canine friends share many human characteristics, their personalities and behaviours are what we find so endearing and all they expect in return is some attention, love and a couple walks a day, that isn’t so much to ask now is it?

Well for this Great Dane, he’s feeling a little bit hard done to. The big softy thinks that his mum is spending a bit too much time fussing the new adorable puppy and not enough time loving him like fully deserves.

He clearly had had quite enough of this and felt it was only right that he showed the mum exactly how unhappy and annoyed he was with the whole situation.

The giant softy used his height advantage to get his point across, you can see in the video below, he gets up in his mum’s face putting his paws on her shoulders so she can’t escape his gaze and gives her the full on ‘Puss in boots’ style treatment!

The poor softy clearly feels jealous of the fact that his mum is preoccupied with the new puppy and not him! It’s amazing to see how emotionally intelligent Great Danes really are, and also, how big!

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Regardless of his size, you can tell he’s very loving and calm and all he wants is to be loved! He isn’t growling or barking or threatening the puppy, he just wants a little slice of the loving. This clip just goes to show that big dogs need love too!


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