Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For The First Time Ever. The Results Are Priceless


Fireball whiskey, popularly known as simply Fireball, is a Canadian based whiskey that is strongly flavored with cinnamon. The aromatic spice has long been used as a seasoning and flavor additive for foods and drinks, even the Romans added cinnamon to bitter wines to make them taste better. Today it’s widely used in brandy, vodka, beer, tequila, and just about every other type of spirit out there, in large part because of Fireball’s immense success. A major factor as to why Fireball has fast become one of the most successful brands in the liquor industry is because it appeals to a wide variety of people all over the world. Everyone from college students to deep sea fishermen to country rock stars are knocking back the potent spirit. Even granny’s are giving it a try and in this video you can see exactly how a couple of them react to trying Fireball whiskey for the first time!

The clip starts off with four women who were asked about how often they drink and what their preferred beverage of choice is. All of the women said that while they don’t drink excessively or party as hard as they used to, they do enjoy a drink or a nice glass of wine here and there. The drinks they cited as their favorites included vodka martinis, vodka tonics, scotch and water, Malbec and Zinfandel wines, but not one mentioned whiskey. Then the taste test began. Before their lips touched the whiskey they checked out what they were getting themselves into and read the label out loud. The words on the bottle, “Tastes like heaven, burns like hell,” didn’t seem to throw them off and so they each poured out a shot.

What came next was the smell test. While one grandma couldn’t quite smell it, the others noted the distinct spicy, cinnamon aroma wafting up at them. With that out of the way, it was time for the taste test. After knocking glasses and saying a quick cheers they sipped at the whiskey and weighed in on what they thought of it. The women’s reactions were generally all positive and some were hilarious. The first lady to take a sip remarked “not bad” but then immediately afterwards she coughed and said “it is hot…very fiery, cinnamon…it kinda tastes like a medicine type thing, like a cinnamon hot medicine going down.” The next woman gingerly took a sip and said “my god…that’ll warm my belly, that’s for sure…gosh, whoo! Actually, it tastes very nice.” One of the grandmas was a little scared to try it but when she did she was pleasantly surprised, saying “it’s actually good.” The last woman to try it swished it back and forth in her mouth while rolling her eyes around in her head before finally saying “Whew a merci, aye aye aye, that is my thing, impressive!” She loved it and by the end of the video she was pouring herself another shot because she wanted more.

All in all, the women were quite observant in conducting the taste test and their responses were hilarious. They proved that grandma’s everywhere can get down with what the kids are drinking these days and it’s more than likely that some of them could out-drink the youth as well!

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